The legal regulations governing the provision of legal services do not allow to present any specific prices, when informing public about the performance of advocates’ practice. More detailed information in this respect are available directly in AD LEGIS s.r.o. law firm.

Usually, the law firm agrees with the client upon an contractual fee determined individually based on overall nature, complexity and other significant circumstances of the respective issue to be dealt with. Thereupon one of the following standard types of fees is selected:

  • hourly fee - based on the amount of time (in hours) needed for resolution of the legal matter and agreed hourly rate
  • flat fee - agreed fixed amount of fee, either
    • for provision of legal services during certain time period or during indefinite period (usually it is monthly flat fee for regular legal services regardless of their specific time scope), or
    • for complete resolution of the specific legal matter
  • contingent (success) fee - agreed as a participation share in the value of the legal matter in question (which is usually the subject of judicial or other proceedings) if the outcome of the proceedings is very uncertain, considering the circumstance of the case, whereupon the advocate is only entitled to receive such fee only in case of achieving success in the respective legal matter
  • tariff fee - determined in accordance with the applicable legal regulation of advocates’ fees, based upon the number of acts of legal services rendered and so called basic rate of the tariff fee, which is stipulated on the basis of the value of the legal matter in question or otherwise depending on type of legal services being provided
  • combination of the above types of fees - if it is more preferable considering the specific nature of the legal services being provided.